Life Goes On

by No Such Noise

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released 24 April 2012

Recorded at Bad Lab Studio by Dan Pilla
Produced by John Browne and Dan Pilla



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No Such Noise Sicklerville, New Jersey

For Closure out NOW!

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Track Name: Two Years And 25 Cents
"Two Years and 25 Cents"

It used to take a long time for you to give up, throw in the towel, you turned your back and settled down with what you had

And now you live with changing tides, you come too close at first then back away to kill the time

And now I try to tell myself that this is what it's worth, but you're in too deep and I'm running out of words

And I'm holding back everything I need to say to get my life on track. After two years and 25 cents I want my money back. Cause you're not worth the time I spent to wait, wait for you to change.

I can remember a time when everything felt right
But that was in the past
And nothing good can last, when you said
How many ways could I rhyme these words in a verse for you to see I'm the one behind this curse

You showed me, and told me time was on your side
Stop hoping, cause nothing will bring this back to life
Track Name: Lexi Walker
"Lexi Walker"

Lexi walker, I swear I'm not a stalker. I just need some closure.

Lexi walker will you pick up your phone? I would call your house but i know you're not home.
Because I drove past your house I want to say a dozen times.
I blasted Say Anything in hopes you'd hear the rhyme.

No I'm not crazy I just want you to know.
That I am crazy about you

Lexi walker, I swear I'm not a stalker. I just need some closure. And I'm not one to give up but then again I never win. So please call me back so I know not to call again.

Lexi Walker are you at work today?
I went to the Shoprite to check the bakery and they said,

"Give up man just leave her alone. You gotta take the hint she wont pick up the phone...."

So I left depressed to go drown in sorrow, but I thought to myself, I'll just check tomorrow.

You told me before you like songs with your name in them. Maybe you'll listen and then we could talk again.
You told me before you like songs with your name in them. Maybe you'll listen and then we could fuck again.
Track Name: Cold Side
The Cold Side of the Pillow

I sit back and ask myself where's the rhyme and the reason to stress myself over things that I know bring the demon out from inside of me
Somebody once told me son you'll go insane if you try to please everyone it's a shame but for those who can't handle the pain, life goes on
Now Iím falling asleep cause I'm too bored to write this song

My head spins in circles around this god awful town, it's bringing me down today
With countless distractions everything seems to be in perfect harmony

I've had enough, I'm wasting my time. Can I stay at your place tonight
I'm giving up, and losing my mind, and I won't let it happen again

I'm happy to say it's been 3 months and 19 days since I left this place behind
It's hard to believe them when they say it's the best they can find

I know you can't tell what the future holds
I'll be alright just for the night
Getting sick of this establishment, it's my punishment, and I won't let it happen again
Track Name: SLUTZ
How is anybody supposed to take you seriously?
When you mess with my closest friends yeah the closest ones to me
At first I tried to understand it was part of the plan nothing personal I see
I figured I would draw the line when it was two at a time yeah that’s when I draw the line

Where’s the girl who isn’t sleeping with my friends
Where’s the girl who has an ounce of self respect
Fuck self respect your cruel intentions have been met
But that’s okay, she was a racist anyway

Let me take this time to drop a line to everybody on my side
When she says that it’s not what it looks like you better know that’s a lie
Now I try, yes I try to be kind but you’re making it hard to see the bright side
Now the world knows you’re a racist hoe and you better say your goodbyes

Just stop messing with my head
I’m gonna have to break it off if you don’t stop doing my friends
Couldn’t it be someone else instead
Track Name: West Chester
West Chester

And so it goes
When you cannot rely on your innocence to prove you're in control
But I'll be okay
Because through all of this and all I miss will help me get away

I'll be sorry if you let me
And I hope youíll be forgiving

I've set myself up for a long September
It doesn't help to count the days
It hit home when you were halfway to West Chester
But at least I know my fate; I've got to get away

Sometimes I close my eyes and still see you with me
I know it's in my head
But itís easy just to pretend
That you will wake me when I least expect

I'll be sorry if you let me
And I hope youíll be forgiving, rather than forgetting

When coming home is too much to ask
Then how am I supposed to make this last
But with good intentions I'll pretend I'm fine
With shrunken hopes for better days
It's way too late to change my ways
And it's safe to say things wonít be the same I fear, by this time next year